Goodbye Winter - Hello Spring

Its spring here already and things have certainly been very busy. I've spent a lot of time staring at this computer screen... so it was nice to have a short but sweet break a few weekends ago to visit and climb Mt Maunganui in Tauranga. Forgotten how stunningly beautiful NZ is! Cant wait for longer breaks at the beach over summer.


I've started teaching a paper in illustration at wintec this semester which is loads of fun and good for practicing my responsible teaching voice! Ive recently finished album illustrations for a wonderful auckland band called 'Bannerman'. Their album is due for release on the 13th Sept so I will post more about that next week. Finished work on a great project where I got to create website illustrations - under construction at present. A few more illustrations for Holly Brown are almost at their completion and Im also putting the design together on the new Sing Songs album.

Hoping to have most of that wrapped up by next week as I head on tour with my husband around the south island for 2 weeks with World Vision helping to run a fundraising event called Kids for Kids. So I will be mobile for a wee while armed with sketch book, camera, computer and scanner so I can still get work done. :) Looking forward to the change of scenery!