Monsoon Moments

So we have touched down in Hong Kong and are stuck once again with the sweet dusty smells, patterns and neon shapes in the buildings towering over us. Hong Kong is in its monsoon season at present so it's very warm, VERY muggy and full of umbrellas! We are here to work on the launch of a brand new cafe called Holly Brown. I have spent the last month or so creating illustrated artwork for the walls and now we are here to complete some photography for the project as well. Holly Brown is the happy place where the artistry of coffee meets the craftsmanship of gelato. The cafe is still being fitted out so there is a lot of construction going on all over the place. This week I will be shooting a lot of gelato, cup cakes and coffee which should be fun and perhaps tasty!  I have met some great people involved in the project who have come from all parts of the world - Australia, South Africa, Tawain -  looking forward to working with them all.