New Zealand School Journal

Earlier this year I had the awesome opportunity to illustrate a story for the New Zealand School Journal. I can still remember as a child spending hours in our class resource room flicking through numerous volumes of the school journal which were packed with great stories and beautiful illustrations. I have collected several issues over the years and actually found some early issues from the 1950s on a recent trip to Oamaru (see below).

My small collection of School Journals from the 50's, 70's and now 2016!

Did you know the School Journal has been in print since 1907? You can read more about its background here

It was such an honour to contribute to something that has had such a long history for children and reading education in our country! My illustrations appear in the Level 3, May 2016 issue, accompanying a story by Renata Hopkins called 'The Healers Apprentice'. It was a fun brief as I also got to illustrate the chapter headings and drop cap numerals as well!

You can find more School Journals in digital format on the Literacy Online website set up by the NZ Ministry of Education here.