Guess who?

AK_Wanted_details Here's a sneak peak at a few bits and pieces of my work for the illustration exhibition 'Troubled Souls' - which opens tomorrow 5.30pm at Draw Inc. Each illustrator had to pick a wild west outlaw as their subject for the show. Can you guess who I chose?


40 Winks...

This is a poster I whipped together for an up and coming illustration show at Draw Inc.  It opens next Friday the 6th of July at 5.30pm, Alexander St, Hamilton. Do come along and check out all the awesome illustrators and their take on the folk tale/dream theme!  I've got a series of giclee prints based on an inuit folk tale about a Hunter and a Polar Bear - with rather too many legs!

Gary Venn and I collaborated on this poster - thanks Gary for your pencil and lettering skills!