Guess who?

AK_Wanted_details Here's a sneak peak at a few bits and pieces of my work for the illustration exhibition 'Troubled Souls' - which opens tomorrow 5.30pm at Draw Inc. Each illustrator had to pick a wild west outlaw as their subject for the show. Can you guess who I chose?


Opening Night

Thanks to everyone who came along to the opening of our exhibition Places and Chases! Unfortunately I only remembered to take a few shots before everyone arrived but a least you can see all of our works clearly presented on the wall.

The lovely Sarah Bradley made a time lapse movie of Gary Venn and I hanging our works - as you can see Sarah from The Framing Workshop did most of the work while I just made hand gestures in the air. :) Thanks Sarah!!

Check out her handy work here!

The 'Places and Chases' exhibition is on till the 18th of January 2013 so if you couldn't make it last friday there is plenty of time to stop by The Framing Workshop for look see!