Holly Brown - New Store at K11

So the reason for some long absences from blogging lately.. we have been working on another Holly Brown project!  My husband and I were asked to Art Direct the new Holly Brown store in the K11 Mall in Hong Kong which opened last thursday! It was a really great project to be involved in and we got to work along side some really great people. Now Holly Brown has two stores which means two more reasons to sample great tasting coffee, beautiful latte art and delicious gelato! If you are in the neighborhood do try it!!

Holly Brown, K11 Art Mall, Hanoi Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Thanks again to the Holly Brown crew for having us!

Runner Up!!

Very happy to say one of my Holly Brown illustrations was chosen as a 'Runner Up' in the winter issue of Creative Quarterly Journal (issue 21). (You can see it online - scroll down the list and find my name).

Stoked to have been mentioned as the judging is of a high standard and there are so many awesome illustrations submitted. Creative Quarterly is all about inspiration. Each quarter they judge the best work made in graphic design, illustration, photography and fine art fields and showcase the winners in their magazine. They also have great articles/reviews and interviews with leading professionals.

You can have a scroll through a mini version of the current issue 21 here

Holly Brown Farewell

So during our stay in Hong Kong working on the Holly Brown project we met and got to work with a really awesome team of people. Thought Id take this moment to quickly introduce a few of them.

First up is very talented Alida Philip, she was responsible for all of the great design and art direction behind the Holly Brown brand! She even designed the Holly Brown cups and beautiful white leather furniture! She also had a hand in creating the Holly Brown website  www.hollybrowncoffee.com

Next is Dominic the expert coffee roaster who with the help of award winning barristers King and Tracey serve delicious coffee blends and decorative latte art.

In charge of all things Gelato was Luca and (Stefano - see lower grid) who were the maestro's of gelato creation.

Michael also in the Gelato area - serving with style all sorts of colourful cold stone creations!

For the launch the ultra talented Evan Davies was called in to write the official Holly Brown theme song - which you can listen to here or here

Not forgetting Raymond Tsui the owner and brains behind Holly Brown and his group of lovely staff! Thanks to everyone for the great time we had in the Holly Brown family!! You will be sorely missed!

Holly Brown Artwork - part 2

The third of my illustrations for Holly Brown was based on the idea of a fantastical way to make coffee. Titled 'The Fantastical Coffee Machine' - mixed media.

The fourth in the series I titled 'Hula Coffee' - mixed media. I was inspired by the logo of Holly Brown for this one.

These were so much fun to make and even better to see on the walls of Holly Brown. Let me know what you think of them.

Id like to make the next post about some of the wonderful people I got to work with on this project. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!