All At Sea


A recent illustration I made for an awesome show coming up on the 3 June 2011. Lots of super talented NZ musicians which will make for a great night - cant wait!

I have been spending a lot of time lately beavering away in my studio finishing a series of birthday card designs. Also have some prints coming soon from 'The Isles' series  - thanks to all those that have shown interest in them.

Here is what I am currently wishing for on my book shelf.. M.Sasek - New York, Rome, Paris or London - any title would be lovely... so hard to decide :)

The Isles

These works are part of an ongoing series based on the idea of sand saucers which I used to make as a child. A few MORE here! I've had these little creatures wandering around my sketchbook for some time now and these island saucers seemed good places for them to explore. I hope to eventually make them into story illustrations.

See one of my favourite characters from the series HERE!  Im trying to think of a good name for him.... Any ideas?

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Lovely bright illustration by Andrew Holder