Wild Goose Chase

So the exhibition 'Places and Chases' opens this friday and I thought I'd elaborate a little more about my works for this exhibition.

This exhibition continues the themes of exploration and discovery that often appear in my personal work. For this exhibition I developed a fictional narrative around the idea of a Wild Goose Chase which I set in the Victorian era. My characters are on the hunt for the Wild Goose - (a little like the golden variety) but the wild, elusive, curious and playful goose seems to outwit them all every time. Gradually stories of their exploits turn into legends that small children listen to at bed time while hugging their own stuffed toy version of the Wild Goose...

I had a lot of fun creating a large world map of 'Recorded Wild Goose Sightings', a botanical illustration, a pattern-like landscape where you can play spot the goose and various other smaller illustrative works.

The opening is 5.30pm this Friday 23rd November 2012 at The Framing Workshop, Siverdale Road, Hamilton. It runs until 18th January 2013.

If you get a chance to see it please drop me a line and let me know what you think!


Places & Chases Exhibition

I have been working away on an exhibition which opens next week called 'Places and Chases'. It is a combined exhibition with my very talented illustration friend Gary Venn.  The show will include a series of framed giclee prints of illustrations all of which will be for sale - a great opportunity to get your Christmas shopping done early! The theme of the exhibition is based on exploration, maps and my work in particular involves a Wild Goose Chase -  i will explain a bit more about that soon but for now here is the invite. The show opens next Friday 23rd November, 5.30pm at The Framing Workshop and runs till the 18th of January 2013.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks to Sarah from The Framing Workshop and Mike from Giclee Print Ltd for your support and thanks to Gary for making the poster!