Inspector Brunswick - Sneak Peak

This coming March I will achieve an all time dream to release my first children's book! Co-written by myself and my great friend and collaborator Chris Lam Sam. We have been working away for some time with these characters and very soon will be able to introduce you to 'Inspector Brunswick' and 'The Case of the Missing Eyebrow' in book form!

This character is very dear to me for so many reasons but mostly I am delighted to see him and his loyal assistant Nelson join together in their first mystery! It has been published by the TATE in the UK who are famous among other things for their beautiful museums TATE Modern, TATE Britain etc.. Chris and I could scarcely believe it when we heard the great news last year that our first story, the first in a series, would be published and it has been a joy to work on so far!

So over the next few weeks we have decided to give you a sneak peak into the world of Inspector Brunswick, introduce you to some of his fellow storybook characters and get excited with you all about their first debut on the world stage!!!

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Inspector Brunswick - The worlds greatest cat detective and Nelson, his loyal assistant!

Vet Academy

Delighted to finally share some of the lovely books I worked on recently! The first is Vet Academy, a non fiction children's activity book written by Steve Martin. It's designed to teach children the basics of what it takes to become a Vet for domestic, zoo and farm animals. There are fun activities, a poster, stickers, games and pop out animal figures. Its super fun and educational and I just had the best time drawing all the animals!! 

Thanks to Hanri, Claire and the team at Ivy Kids (Quarto Group) in the Uk for bringing me on board! You can pick up a copy online or from bookshops today!