Inspector Brunswick - The Case of the Missing Eyebrow

Co-written by Angela Keoghan & Chris Lam Sam. Illustrations by Angela Keoghan. 

'An action-packed and humorous debut from this fantastic author and illustrator pairing'

After a long week of investigating unsolved crimes and mysterious happenings, the world’s greatest cat detective, Inspector Brunswick, and his loyal assistant, Nelson are taking a break to visit the art museum. They’ve barely walked in the door when Brunswick’s whiskers tingle with curiosity. The art museum’s most prized picture, a portrait of the Admiral looks different! Something is missing . . . Clever conclusions and sophisticated solutions ensue as Brunswick and Nelson track down the missing item, discovering in the process a bohemian caterpillar with a penchant for art. Drawing on Victorian era drama and introducing a set of endearing characters, this first mystery in the Inspector Brunswick series takes a closer look at the subtle details that make every work of art unique. 

Published by TATE Publishing. ISBN: 9781849764445

Release Date March 2017


Vet Academy

Written by Steve Martin. Illustrations by Angela Keoghan.

Start learning the basics required to become a vet with this unique activity book. Vet Academy includes sections about the three main different types of vet you might become - Pet Vet, Zoo Vet or Farm Vet. A wide range of topics are covered, from learning about baby animals and everything they need to grow strong and healthy to finding out about vaccinations and diets for different animals. You will also learn about animal body language, exercise, and keeping animals happy and healthy! Key skills are practised with a variety of fun activities, including observation, speed and accuracy tasks, and matching and finding games. Entertaining, educational, and engaging, Vet Academy makes veterinary science fun and accessible for kids who love animals.

Publisher: Ivy Kids (Quatro Group)
ISBN: 9781782404477

Released February 2017


Chelsea Winter Scrumptious

I created a variety of chapter and spot illustrations for this beautifully designed book by Chelsea Winter. It is the fourth in her much loved collection of Cookbooks and was art directed by Dana Gaddum.



Photography by Tam West
Design by Dana Gaddum
Illustration by Angela Keoghan
Published by Random House NZ

ISBN: 9780143770107


The Great NZ Wrapping Paper Book

I was invited by The Kiss Co. to contribute to their Artists Edition wrapping paper book. 'The Great NZ Wrapping Paper Book' contains 10 different designs by 10 different New Zealand creatives. Each sheet is perforated to easily remove from the book and opens to 820mm x 545mm. Printed on a high quality satin stock. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

For more information visit The Kiss Co.


Water Under The Bridge

Illustrated front and back cover of 'Water Under The Bridge' by Don Barry. Published by Castle Publishing 2015.

ISBN: 9780473303389