Exciting News... Our First Book Deal!!

Earlier this year we went to the other side of the world to attend the Bologna and London Book Fairs and got to meet lovely people and talk all things book and illustration related... Now here in our capital Wellington with our good friend and co-author Chris Lam Sam, we celebrate the signing of our first book deal with TATE Publishing in the UK! Thats about all we can say at the moment, but we are super excited!! 

Secretive Creatures - The Nod Beagle

Over the years I have counted myself very fortunate to have many creative and talented friends to inspire and influence me. One of this talented bunch is my good friend Chris Lam Sam. A creative wizard with words and music, he is a source of  inspiration and jolliness which I truly admire!

Since 2011 we have been meeting together developing ideas, swapping our libraries of children's books and dreaming up projects. While many of these are still a work in progress, today we begin to share some of our collective efforts with the world!

Here is a poem from our 'Secretive Creatures' collection, inspired by our love for Edward Lear. The process can sometimes start with Chris's words which inspire my drawings, other times Chris might spot a character in my sketchbooks and write something about them and that is how this particular poem developed. We proudly present - The Nod Beagle.